Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Te Igitur

So....why do all my posts being with 'so'?

So anyways.....

I've really really been working to improve my Latin skills/ I am a member of a forum on which some members are translating a text on vampires. It is quite fascinating, but not quite my cup of tea. Despite being hard, I'm not that morbid.

So I'm working on my own translation of the Canon - until I am ready to work on something more challenging, like the Vulgate. :D

But why would I translate the Canon, or anything, if somebody else has already done it?

Fair enough; I'll tell you why. My eventual plan is to translate a chunk of text, perhaps from Genesis or John, into English. Next I will translate it back to Latin. I will compare the Latin and see if the meanings change. If I am able to I can do some Greek in there too, but I still know nothing about Greek.

Either way, the point is to show exactly how Protestants messed up the Bible in the first place. They translated form language A into B, then into C, then from C to A to B to A order to get a more accurate translation than the original one the Catholics did?

Do you see how I end that statement with a question mark? It makes NO SENSE!

For the moment, I will grace you with my own translation of the Te Igitur.


TE ígitur, clementíssime Pater, per Jesum Christum Fílium tuum Dóminum nostrum súpplices rogámus ac pétimus (osculatur altare) uti accépta hábeas, et benedícas (jungit manus, deinde signat ter super oblata), hæc   dona, hæc   múnera, hæc   sancta sacrifícia illibáta (extensismanibus prosequitur): in primis quæ tibi offérimus pro Ecclésia tua sancta cathólica: quam pacificáre, custodíre, adunáre, et régere dignéris toto orbe terrárum, una cum famulo tuo Papa nostro N. et Antístite nostro N. et ómnibus orthodóxis, atque cathólicæ et apostólicæ fídei cultóribus


Therefore, we beseech and petition thee most merciful Father, through Jesus Christ Thy Son, our Lord, (the altar is kissed) to accept and bless (he joins his hands, then signs the offering three times) these gifts, these offerings, this holy undiminished sacrifice (having extended his hands, it is continued): in the first place of which we offer to you for thy holy universal Church; may you grant peace to the whole world, and protect, unify, and rule in union with thy servant our father Benedict and our bishop Joseph, and all believers, and Catholics, and adherents of the apostolic faith.

Official Translation:

Wherefore, O most merciful Father, we humbly pray and beseech thee, through Jesus Christ thy Son, our Lord (he kisses the altar), that thou wouldst vouchsafe to receive and bless (he joins his hands together, and then makes the sign of the cross thrice over the offerings) these  gifts, these  offerings, this  holy and unblemished sacrifice (he extends his hands and continues), which in the first place we offer thee for thy holy Catholic Church, that it may please thee to grant her peace: as also to protect, unite, and govern her throughout the world, together with thy servant N., our Pope N., our bishop, as also all orthodox believers who keep the catholic and apostolic faith.

As you can see it is not bad at all ,but slightly different. Notice especially the 'red', the actions, in parentheses. I have kept them in their original infinitive state; whereas the official translation puts it in slightly more natural English.

Until my next translation! I've already got the Hanc Igitur done as of now....

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