Sunday, October 28, 2012

We All Do It....

Take blogging breaks, that is. I believe I have three good (enough) excuses.

1. Work's been a little crazy.
2. I've been hunting. There's a lot more to it, but that's another post....
3. I'm working election polls on Nov. 6th, and had to go to a training. For one day.

Are those good enough? How about I have a lot of school? Hmmm?

Speaking of which......maybe I should do some right now. I'm currently doing a book analysis on Ivanhoe, and I am seeing a very strong connection between it and some of Tolkien's works. I'll probably end up writing a paper on that for fun.  I write random papers a lot. Maybe they'll get published.


Maybe not.

That doesn't matter. Ferthu hal, mon freondere!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Well, I "meant" to....

I meant to write bout St. Francis but it utterly escaped my mind at the time. Despite my tardiness let's look at the REAL St. Francis:

St Francis confronting the sultan.

Often times people use St. Francis as an example for animal rights. 

St. Francis loved the animals - that is a very valid point. I love 'em too, in they yard, fields, or ovens. 

I see no need to go into details about it; it suffices to say that if eating animals is a sin, then fine. Animal "souls" ("live giving spirit" ? I forget the proper term) are less than human souls. Human souls are eternal. Take care of human life first, and then move on to the animals. Anyone seen PETA demonstrating outside Planned Parenthood? The ecology where I live cannot sustain the deer population - if they wanna talk population control let's start with Bambi.

St. Francis also received the stigmata.

 That's one of those things I always forget, and it's amazing to contemplate that, and add to his other accomplishments. He truly was an alter Christus.

St. Francis, pray for us!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Things

So when I was younger, I admit, I was not a fan of St. Therese. I thought her and St. Francis were overrated. No, seriously, I did!

I didn't see what was so fascinating about a Carmelite nun and a friar who loved animals. (I am an avid yet unlucky hunter so when I hear people say St. Francis loves animals and we can't kill them it works me up!)

I never denied her sanctity or anything - but I always thought, why doesn't St. Louis de Montfort, or St. Dominic, or St. Margaret Mary have as much of a "fan base"?

Because, as I grew older I realized that she did what all saints do; little things. But unlike most saints, she left us a very clear and simple path. We must do little things for God- and only what he wants. That's it! So easy! As for St. Francis....I'll get to him tomorrow! Though it will probably enrage PETA. Haha.

St Therese, pray for us!