Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday's Slipups!

Here's four tips which I've learned the hard way on this Saturday.

1. Check the air!

When loading up cattle and driving them to auction make sure the tire on the trailer has air before you put the cattle in it. :)

I came home from work to hear that my Dad had to change the tire and put a new tire on it. Thankfully it happened on our driveway!

2. Leave on Time.

Even if it is a Saturday, you still need to leave on time. There won't be traffic.....but it still takes time to get there! Silly me was....reading blogs, can you imagine that?....when I realized I would be five minutes late.

It turns out some generous acceleration always works. My point remains however.

3. Don't break the OJ.

Not that I broke the orange juice, but our truck driver did when unloading it. He ripped out the bottom of it and juice was all over our backroom.

Needless to say our Asst. Store Director was not happy. We in the dairy were thankfully not to blame though! (Still learned a lesson though!)

4. Practice....but well in advance.

Tomorrow we are having a "parlor entertainment" at our home. I am going to be playing guitar and singing a Johnny Cash song. The problem is I haven't practiced in about two months. :( The good news is I am sounding pretty good right now.

To my credit I had something else planned with two friends - a skit - but one of them will be visiting Clear Creek Monastery and didn't know till last night. Oh well. Good for him! I'll make it.

So that's what I've learned today! Has anybody learned anything useful/new today?

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