Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Papa John's Appreciation Day

Why is it the best restaurants have appreciations days? Chick-Fil-A's food is awesome. PJ's pizza is awesome. They deserve appreciation days! Set aside any cultural meanings.

That being said, Fox reports about the boy from CA who is getting this grassroots movement going. Let's all join in. We have to remember two things.

We will buy pizza:

1. Because John Schnatter built Papa John's (not Obama) and he makes good pizza. Let's celebrate his accomplishment as an American success story.

2. Because John Schnatter should be able to explain that certain legislation will hurt his business, his employees, and consequently, the entire economy. That's free speech. He's not hurting anyone.

This is NOT about racism, about telling the left and Obama they are wrong, etc.

This is to show that free speech is alive and well.

I rememeber an episode of Andy Griffith where Aunt Bee asks Andy why he doesn't like her white beans.

He responds: "I only ate four bowls full."

Actions speak louder than words. Eating a pizza this Friday, November 16, will do more for free speech than any blog or bully pulpit and news service combined. We can show those who stand against our Constitution we have the backbone to carry through with our rights.

To read more about how Obamacare will impact the organization, this explains Schnatter's views pretty well.

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