Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No Coincidences...

Libya's President says.

This was not about a YouTube video. When I first heard that it happened on 9/11 I had my suspicions. His statement that they used RPG'S and mortars confirms this.....mobs don't just spontaneously use those on the anniversary of the worst attack on US history in years. That was no coincidence.

Every terrorist's dream.

People often says something like "We shouldn't be in the Middle-East because blah bleh blue blah blah". OK, forget the rest of the Arab countries for a minute. This is Libya. Libya! Remember, the country that Obama sent aid to without Congressional approval? Whether or not that was a good decision is irrelevant in my case- why did they attack us since we pretty much saved them? That would be like us killing the French Ambassador to the US after the Revolutionary War! There are no words to describe this other than: ingratitude.

A planned terror attack on the country who was primarily responsible for their freedom. Especially after the country's leader broke laws to help them!

So it doesn't even matter whether or not we should be there in the first place- what matters is that we helped them at their request and now they're just paying us back. Hmm.

And this is an embassy, this is a diplomatic center- no violence about it's presence. What would happen if an American mob stormed into the Libyan Embassy in D.C.? Hmm? At least we'd call out our military to protect them or something.

This only proves what I have been saying for years: there is no such thing as radical Islam. This is normal Islam!

And if you don'r believe me, I highly recommend a book: Islam at the Gates by Diane Moczar.

St Francis of Assisi and St Charbel Markhouf, pray for us!

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