Monday, October 8, 2012

Well, I "meant" to....

I meant to write bout St. Francis but it utterly escaped my mind at the time. Despite my tardiness let's look at the REAL St. Francis:

St Francis confronting the sultan.

Often times people use St. Francis as an example for animal rights. 

St. Francis loved the animals - that is a very valid point. I love 'em too, in they yard, fields, or ovens. 

I see no need to go into details about it; it suffices to say that if eating animals is a sin, then fine. Animal "souls" ("live giving spirit" ? I forget the proper term) are less than human souls. Human souls are eternal. Take care of human life first, and then move on to the animals. Anyone seen PETA demonstrating outside Planned Parenthood? The ecology where I live cannot sustain the deer population - if they wanna talk population control let's start with Bambi.

St. Francis also received the stigmata.

 That's one of those things I always forget, and it's amazing to contemplate that, and add to his other accomplishments. He truly was an alter Christus.

St. Francis, pray for us!

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