Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Things

So when I was younger, I admit, I was not a fan of St. Therese. I thought her and St. Francis were overrated. No, seriously, I did!

I didn't see what was so fascinating about a Carmelite nun and a friar who loved animals. (I am an avid yet unlucky hunter so when I hear people say St. Francis loves animals and we can't kill them it works me up!)

I never denied her sanctity or anything - but I always thought, why doesn't St. Louis de Montfort, or St. Dominic, or St. Margaret Mary have as much of a "fan base"?

Because, as I grew older I realized that she did what all saints do; little things. But unlike most saints, she left us a very clear and simple path. We must do little things for God- and only what he wants. That's it! So easy! As for St. Francis....I'll get to him tomorrow! Though it will probably enrage PETA. Haha.

St Therese, pray for us! 

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