Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What happened today?

I often find it amusing to Google the day's date to see what happened that day. Can you guess what happened today? Funny how the randomest things happen on days you least expect it.

Feb 5th:

Earthquake at Pompeii in 62.
First Japanese Catholic Persecution begins in 1597.
The largest gold nugget in history found in Canada - 1869,
FDR's launch of his plan to usurp the power of the expand the Supreme Court - 1937
Franco comes to power in Spain - 1939.
"I have come out of Bataan and I will return" - the return occurs this day in 1945.
Apollo 14 landing - 1971.

It's also the birthday of James Otis, Red Buttons, and Sara Evans (!).

So yeah.

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  1. I never even thought of doing that! Good idea ...now I'll probably google the date often! :)

    I've got a giveaway if you are interested!